Wasabi and Ginger

Two years ago today I was involved with one of the most bizarre services of worship in my entire ministry. I've disparagingly called it the Dr. Doolittle Service, but it was actually a service of blessing for pets in Faith United Methodist Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan where I was serving on exchange for a summer. It was actually the first time they had ever run such a service (I was very grateful to my exchange partner for letting me be the guinea pig... to use an inappropriate metaphor), but it went so well they decided to have another one last year. Don't know whether it is happening this year or not. It's certainly not going to be happening in Dundonald Methodist any time soon.
Given that I am absolutely terrified of dogs, I'm not too sure who was more traumatised by the event, me or the single cat surrounded by over a dozen dogs of all shapes and sizes. Certainly afterwards I had to go and lie down in a darkened room for a while.
But the whole event reminded me again of how important pets, and particularly dogs are to some people. Genesis 2: 20 may suggest that animals are no substitute for proper human relations, but they can certainly offer something to those enduring lonely lives, and can become a very real part of family life. But you can take things a little too far...
A while ago I posted a little video on fb entitled "Breakfast at Ginger's". This is another in the series... with Ginger enjoying some takeaway food...


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