Economic Idolatry?

I'm not an economist... Can't even manage my own chequebook/bank account... But, as I said on Sunday in preaching on this week's gospel reading from the lectionary, the story of the Rich Man and Lazarus (Luke 16: 19-31), I'm forever struck by the number of times that Jesus speaks about riches and poverty. In this he was picking up a key thread through the Hebrew scriptures, particularly the prophets.. a thread which within the modern church, particularly "Bible-believing" evangelicals, have dropped, or worse, twisted, with the heresy that is the so-called "prosperity gospel."
This morning whoever, I was pointed in the direction of this piece in Market Watch (not a site I often visit) by my friend Dick Bowyer. In it, Rex Nutting suggests that a key principle of much modern government economic planning, that small business is a key factor in the health of a country's economy, is completely insubstantiated. This mantra underpins nearly all government thinking, or at least rhetoric, in the US, and is one of the rationales for the current Con-Dem coalition's evisceration of public sector spending. Is "small business" an economic idol, unable to deliver on its big-billing? Or is Rex Nutting simply a heretic?


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