Characteristics of the Current Kingdom

A poem/reflection written in the light of the Rob Bell book I reviewed yesterday and Robert Plant's version of the old gospel blues song "Satan, Your Kingdom must Come Down". "Not exactly Sunday School stuff" as He says, but we've got to work out what Kingdom we are subjects of...

A kingdom of accusation and blame
Of guilt and of shame…

An empire of acquisition and consumption
Of fraud and corruption…

A principality of pride and presumption
Of hubris and humiliation…

Shadows and shifting sands
Darkness and dryness
Deception and disappointment
Disease, death and decay

A kingdom constructed from the corpses of the powerless
An empire erected on the gravestones of the poor
A principality without principles
Without compassion
Without grace

A kingdom defined by who’s in and who’s out
An empire defended by force of arms
A principality of oppression
What we want we’ll take
What we have we’ll hold

That kingdom will crumble
That empire will be erased
That principality will cease
With the coming of the Prince of Peace



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