Mid Life Crisis Meme

OK... This is another recyled meme from a friend over on Facebook, but this one chimes with me because at a certain time of life a not so young man's fancy turns to thoughts of what they would like to do on this planet before they shuffle off this mortal coil. So this is effectively a "bucket list"
What do I want to do before kicking that proverbial bucket?
Most of mine are to do with travelling... something I didn't do enough of when younger and with fewer responsibilities to/for others.
1) Visits to Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Jordan (Petra) Rome and mainland Greece - largely shaped by my love of ancient history, and particularly Biblical and ancient church history.
2) Visits to India and Sub-saharan Africa: two areas of the world/cultures that I know far too little about.
3) Visits to Grand Canyon and Great Barrier Reef: to appreciate these 2 natural wonders of the world close up.
4) Direct a Shakespeare play again: probably Titus Andronicus with buckets of blood (literally)
5) Completing a doctorate: talked about it and set things up a number of times over the past 15-20 years, just never got it off the ground... (probably won't now...) but talking about getting something off the ground...
6) Doing a parachute jump... probably do one as a fundraiser... I know plenty of people who would pay good money to see me pushed out of a plane, preferably without a parachute however...
7) Seeing my sons as happy and secure adults... In this worrisome world that is, wothout doubt, the most important on this list...

What's on your bucket list? Don't spend too long on it, trying to be too profound or pious... Just rattle them off... Again if you are a blogger, post them on your own site and drop me a note to let me know... Or post them below...



Micky said…
Hmmm interesting....

1. Visit Petra, Alhambra and parts of Greece for the church and wider history.
2. Visit Canada, New Zealand and Machu Pichu.
3. Write a novel - I have two books of poems and prayers published but not sure I can call myself an 'author' without a novel.
4. Live in a cottage/small house with fruit trees and a big workshop for my glass work.
5. Get fit! Learn to ride a bike.
6. Get PhD - at least I think I know what it would be about now.
7. See my kids happy - move to top of list
8. Read the books on my shelves.

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