The Alternative Christmas No 1

As I write this there's lots of hype about who will go on to win X-Factor and subsequently gain the prize of the X-mas No.1 record... By the time this is posted we'll know who will carry Cowell's imprinature in the Christmas charts... But I can't be bothered revising this in the light of whatever the result is...
Last year the Cowell-machine was derailled by the campaign to put (Sony-EMI backed) Rage Against the Machine, into top spot, but there doesn't seem to be a coherent alternative being offered this year, although blogger Cranmer was, earlier in the month, pushing a facebook campaign to at least make Sir Cliff's "O Little Town" (one of the few of his offerings that I can actually stomach) chart, and a group of other artists have banded together as "Cage Against the Machine" to record John Cage's (See what they've done there?) "4 minutes 33 seconds" of silence. Given some of the artists involved, this will be the best album they have ever recorded. But I doubt that either of these offerings will wrest the top spot from Cowell's anointed one.

I doubt that the song below would ever be in the running... But it is refreshingly apposite and doesn't take itself too seriously... It reminds me of some of the earlier Housemartins stuff, or an act from way back in the 90s called "Fat and Frantic" (anyone remember them?)
A few friends posted this on facebook earlier in the month, but I thought I would post it now as a bit of an antidote to the mainstream nonsense...



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