For those who haven't seen it, my theological credentials have been cruelly besmirched by WhyNotSmile a few days ago...
For those who haven't got a sense of humour and want to rally to my defence... I asked for it... literally, when I posted on facebook as follows:
"Would someone please write a review of my book saying I am a heretic/servant of Satan... I haven't actually written a book yet, but that shouldn't matter as you don't have to read books now to have informed opinions on them (See Rob Bell's up-coming ouvre)... And there's no such thing as bad publicity is there? With enough negative publicity I could self publish a pile of tosh (double spaced) and make a million..."
For those who haven't a clue what prompted this, and think I am referring to Rob Bell the owner of my friendly local coffee shop, then you have clearly not been on the internet recently, particularly not in the "Christian" ghetto on the wonderweb... But a quick look at this post by Jason Boyett should bring you up to speed and let you know where I stand on this whole sorry mess.
But for all of you, feel free to besmirch my character and theology as much as you want, especially over the social media, because, first, I probably deserve it, and second, I really do feel a book coming on...


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