The Theology Game

Our church book group is currently looking at Scot McKnight's "A Community Called Atonement". I must say I'm finding it a stimulating read, and, after we've had our discussion of it next week I'll post a longer reflection. The opening page served as the stimulus for my only contribution to the MCI Lenten Blog on the Atonement, which was published today, entitled "The Atonement Game."
What I say in that blog regarding the debate regarding the Atonement, might also be usefully applied to the ongoing hell-Bell saga... His book, "Love Wins" will probably be on the reading list for the book group soon, but until such time as I actually read it, I'm not making any further comment or posting links pointing to what others are saying from varying informed and uninformed positions. Mr. Bell's publicity machine is doing a good enough job on its own (hence the lack of a link even to buy the book)... I will, however, say that so far the whole episode has been distasteful, and whoever turns out to be the winner in this particular theological spat, the injunction to "speak the truth, in love" (Ephesians 4: 15) seems to have been left out of the rules of the game.


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