I haven't been Raptured...

In the light of the last post, and yesterday's celebration of Ascension Sunday, I just wanted to reassure(?) any remaining readers out there that I haven't been raptured, promoted to glory or otherwise translated to another realm. I've simply been trying to balance work with the rest of life, and part of that is that I've put rules on me being nowhere near the computer at certain times of day and certain days of the week... If truth be told I'm breaking one of those rules right now... But life has been a little busy recently and so I haven't had a chance to post anything. Not sure how the next week will be either, given that Virtual Methodist is going to have to spend time with a lot of other flesh and blood Methodists at our Annual Conference towards the end of the week, as well as doing my day job!

Maybe by this time next week I'll wish I'd been raptured...



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