Watch this Space...

Have been off the blog for quite a wee while now, and it seems like others have been shaking off the blogging bug in my absence (including the always stimulating Zoomtard). However, my absence has been due to a combination of technical problems and life/work balance, but things are beginning to even out again and (at present) my intention is to carry on. I could well be posting into a virtual vacuum given that I have been away so long, but never mind... 90% of my blogging has always been about personal therapy anyway.
After such an absence I've got a number of pieces that are likely to come thick and fast now, largely prompted by reading and viewing experiences over the past 2-3 months. I've just posted a review of the first of my holiday reading on Goodreads/Facebook, "The Fort" by Bernand Cornwell (of "Sharpe" fame). At first glance this wouldn't seem to be the most profound of books (ideal holiday reading) but tomorrow I'll be expanding on that to look at some of the themes within it, and particularly the potent mix of politics, history and hero-worship...

Bet you can't wait...



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