A Psalm for Thinking Day

It's Thinking Day today in our church (yes I know it's a week late, but we've had a bit of a traffic jam of special Sundays recently) and this is a Psalm reflecting on God's thoughts... We're not actually using it this morning, but I thought I would post it anyway:
It is good to praise the name of the LORD
To make music to gladden your heart, O God Most High,
to proclaim your love as the light of sun dawns in the morning
and sing of your faithfulness as the darkness falls at night,
to strum our guitars to your glory
and use our pianos to praise you.

For all that you have done for me makes me glad, O LORD;
I sing with joy at the work of your hands.
How great are your deeds, O LORD,
how profound your thoughts!
The wisest of men show themselves to be fools in trying to out-think you,
The wicked may flourish in this world but destruction is their destiny.

But you, O LORD, are eternally exalted.
And those in a right relationship with you are like a well-watered tree
Like a mighty oak with roots running deep into eternity itself
Remaining fresh and green and bearing fruit that sustains.

From Psalm 92


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