Is it a Phone Booth? Is it a Phone Box? No, its a Pop-Up Library!

I am informed that today is World Book Day (as opposed to World Book Night which is on April 23rd, William Shakespeare's birthday), and thought that the following was an appropriate story for such an occasion. It concerns the installation of pop-up libraries in phone booths across Manhattan. Now I think that our traditional enclosed phone boxes here in the UK are more conducive to such an experiment than the New York booths pictured that are exposed to the elements (which begs another question... where is Superman supposed to change in today's Metropolis?).
Indeed Westbury-sub-Mendip have already converted their local phone box into a community book exchange (see photo).
Anyway, do you think I could get a grant to roll this out across Belfast as part of the cultural Olympiad? It's no dafter than some of the other ideas... (although do note... that last link was from the Daily Mail, and they think that any artistic endeavour after Constable is avante garde and decadent.)


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