Kyrie Eleison

No post yesterday as I spent most of it sitting in my doctor's surgery and then at the Ulster Hospital, before going to Sullivan Upper School's excellent Spring Concert in the Ulster Hall last night... But the title of this post is not me asking forgiveness for missing a blog, but inspired by one of the pieces last night, namely the Kyrie from Bob Chilcott's "Little Jazz Mass" as performed by the girls of the Sullivan Singers. The slight incongruity between the sobre words and upbeat setting prompted the following thoughts... (I posted this earlier via Blogger for Android while I was sitting in another waiting room... but it seems to have got caught in the ether somewhere... So if another versionn appears please forgive me...)
Kyrie eleison.
Christe eleison.
Does it matter what setting we sing this to?
Does it matter the tempo of the tune?
Lord have mercy.
Christ have mercy.
Does it matter the language of our liturgy?
Does it matter if it's said or sung, read or spontaneous?
Kyrie eleison.
Lord Christ have mercy.
May the tune to this be played on our own heartstrings.
May it resonate in all we sing and say and do.


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