Saturday Supplement

After the brief triviality of last week's supplement, here are a few beefy posts for this Saturday. Two of the most controversial items in the contemporary church are evolution and homosexuality. One of my favourite bloggers, Rachel Held Evans, pointed to posts on both in her own weekly round-up last week: first a superb series on biologos aimed at helping us to understand evolution, which are both scientifically and theologically literate, and then a heart-rending piece in the Huffington Post by  Maria Burnham about the time she "came out" to her Bible Study.
In evangelical (and Methodist) circles, the only thing that could run evolution or sexuality close on the controversy stakes is alcohol, which is perhaps why I, as someone who enjoys the odd pint (some of them very odd) also enjoyed this piece from Hull concerning a Beer and Cider Festival hosted in a church that ran out of beer... It reminded me of a certain story in John's gospel concerning a wedding that ran out of wine...
But as April comes to an end, I came across this page of images of April from across Northern Ireland. BBC Scotland have a weekly photo site, but this is the first time I came across something of the same sort from our own wee country. Some stunning photos among them.
And finally, also from our wee country is this video piece about our current obsession with the Titanic... this clip from Downfall has been used many times... but this is one of the funniest... Though it comes with a "guaranteed to offend many" warning.


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