My son has had a rubbish week (and I am being polite in my use of words here). He's in the run up to his AS levels and may be forced to miss some of them because of a freak chain of injuries that ultimately have left him needing major reconstructive surgery on his right shoulder - and yes he is right handed. He's having an MRI this morning in preparation for that, but even before the full extent of his injury became clear he was having a hard time getting any kind of a fair deal from the examinations board, probably making his road to his preferred profession (ironically medicine) a much more protracted one.
And in the light of that NOTHING else that I have to deal with is a priority... (so if you are expecting some form or report off me in the next few days - forget it!)
Indeed there is nothing else that I can do or achieve in this life that compares with the honour and duty of being the father to my two boys... That became even clearer today as I talked to a girl whose husband had just walked out on her and her infant son... 
And it brought to mind the closing scene of the film I watched with my eldest son and wife earlier in the week... Brad Pitt's "Moneyball", which is well worth watching even if you aren't a baseball (or Brad Pitt) fan. 
What follows is an out and out spoiler, especially if you watch the following clip... In it, Brad Pitt's character, Billy Beane, is reflecting on a tumultuous season, where he bucked the system, challenged long established records, and ultimately was offered one of the biggest jobs in baseball. But he does so to the soundtrack of his daughter, who lives with his estranged wife, singing a cover of Lenka's "The Show" - helping him sort out his priorities...
Enjoy the show... 



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