Sing to God a New version of an Old Song...

This is my version of the Psalm from the lectionary readings tomorrow, Psalm 98. Once again, it's a reblog (with a slight revision) but we're using it tomorrow as part of our morning service. But given I'm constantly coming back to the Psalms at the moment a friend recently recommended a new anthology of different settings of the Psalms entitled "Psalms for all Seasons". I haven't checked it out yet, but all the reviews seem very positive... Anyway... here's a version that hasn't appeared in any such anthology:

Sing to God a brand-new song.
Celebrate what he has done!
He rolled up his sleeves and saved us
With his strong right arm he rescued us.
Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth!
Break into joyful song!
Play your instruments in praise
Sing songs to the God who gave you your voice.
Let your flutes, fiddles and trumpets
Fill the air with praises to God your King.
Let us join with all creation in praising our creator.
Let the barking, mooing, cawing and roaring of every living creature be a song of praise to the Lord.
Let the waves of the sea breaking on the shore sound like applause to our God.
Let the rivers speak of his ever flowing grace
Let the mountains speak of his eternal faithfulness.
Let all creation sing before our God
For he comes…
Come Lord God. Come.
From Psalm 98



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