The King of Birds

My post in honour of national poetry day this year is actually a song from the album I mentioned yesterday, "Traces" by Karine Polwart. It is entitled "The King of Birds" and draws together allusions to the Celtic legend, the Battle of the Birds, the Occupy Movement camp at St. Paul's Cathedral in London, its architect Sir Christopher Wren, the Great fire of London that necessitated his great creation, the blitz, and the current economic crisis... all that encapsulated in a beautiful piece of poetry, set to a haunting melody... go buy...

At Ludgate Hill
On the cracked and blackened cobbles of the town
the ashes fall to rest
as the tiny King of Birds he flutters down
to build a citadel
to light glory in the dark
and from hell
to breathe hope in every heart

At Ludgate Hill
Through the siren screams the heavens burn again
the city holds its breath
as the tiny little king in slumber bed
arises from the dust
to light glory in the dark
and through the frost
to breathe hope in every heart

there are murmurs in the choir
there are whispers in the dome 
that the King of Birds is broken
on the altar of his home

At Ludgate Hill
where the towers of smoke and mirrors bruise the sky
the pilgims huddle in
as the tiny King of Birds begins to cry
the people start to sing
the light of glory in the dark
to ring the bell
to breathe hope in every heart



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