Following the recent hair-brained decision of the Church of England not to permit woman bishops whilst allowing women priests, I thought that we might have a week or two without further gender-related stupidity making the church out to be "Taliban Lite". But then along comes the intelligentsia of Bristol University Christian Union and their decision to ban women teaching in certain contexts (unless their husbands are with them) for the sake of inclusivity.
Well, I suppose in scripture the women are largely there to bear children and cook, although at least one was also deadly with a tent peg... (See Judges 4: 14-21). Deborah, mentioned in that passage famously sang of the victory she played a part in (Judges 5), and at this time of year we remember that Jesus' mother liked a wee sing song too...
I wonder whether women are allowed to teach using the medium of song in Bristol CU, because there is as much theology in Mary's Magnificat as I heard in many of the CU talks I heard while at university?
Anyway, in honour of such gynophobic nonsense, here's my responsive version of the song sung by scripture's most celebrated female singer.

My heart is full to bursting with praise to my LordMy voice is hoarse from singing songs of joy to my Saviour God, for he saw me and knew me, poor as I am,yet from here on in everyone will think of me as blessed,for the Almighty has done amazing things for me - his name is holy - set apart from all other names.His mercy is the inheritance of those who honour himgeneration after generation.He has rolled up his sleeves and bared his long, strong arms;he has scattered the proud and haughty. He has brought princes and presidents tumbling downbut has lifted the humble out of the dust. He has satisfied the starving with the richest of farebut has left the self-satisfied out in the cold.He has been merciful to his faithless servant Israel,faithfully fulfilling all his promises to Abraham and his linefor ever and alwaysAMEN

Luke 1:46-55



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