Salvation From and For

A few months ago a meeting of ministers I was in was bemoaning the glib use of the word "salvation" in contemporary Christian patois. "Salvation from what?" was the question... Could another word be used in it's place with greater resonance in the world of today? Does anyone outside the church have a clue what we are talking about? 
Those thoughts were going through my head as I've been reflecting on the Song of Zechariah this week, then, today I came across this piece by Mitchell Lewis on the salvation from/for dichotomy present in this song... And in the light of this I thought I would list a few of the things that, according to Zechariah we might be saved from and for, mindful of the fact that within evangelicalism we often emphasise the former and not the latter:
Salvation frommy enemies and the hands of all who hate memy anger and desire to do down my enemiesmy guilt for the past and fear of the futuremy pride and self-righteousnessmy attempts to earn the favour of an angry Godmy enslavement to the empires of this world
Salvation forour promotion of peace and proclamation of hopeour practice of forgiveness and reconciliationour awareness of the precious gift of this momentour acts of loving service to othersour humble reliance on a gracious Godour citizenship in the Kingdom of God.


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