VM CD Prize 2012 Addendum


Just realised that I did actually buy a couple of CDs during the year... ie 2 (big spender me!): namely Karine Polwart's "Traces" which I wittered on about at length earlier in the year, and her old album "Scribbled in Chalk". Also I was given Jools Holland's "Golden Age of Song" for Christmas, which has some cracking tracks on it.Counters
But the VM award for best CD of 2012 really does have to go to "Traces". It is also up for a real award on the Radio 2 Folk Awards, although it will probably have been steamrollered in the public vote by the behemoth that is the faux-folk "Bellowhead". Karine is also up for an individual award, and "The King of Birds" has been nominated as best song. So she might get a real prize rather than a virtual VM one... If you want to find out how brilliant she is check out her session on Mark Radcliffe's new folk show on Radio 2 next Wednesday at 7pm

OK that is enough of 2012... Got to get back to the pile of work that means the beginning to 2013.



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