Companions on a Journey - Reblog

In the light of the piece I wrote yesterday, the rekindling of my love affair with public transport and with more than a passing reference to Heather Morris's Presidential theme of "A People Invited to Follow..." here is a reblog of a short poem I wrote for the Connexions event at Dublin Conference nearly a decade ago.

Some people don’t like travelling on public transport
Beside other people; smelly people;
Rude people; poor people;
Noisy people; nosy people;
Young people; old people;
Some people don’t like people…
They prefer cars…
Jesus likes people…
People like you and me;
People not like you and me;
People not liked by you and me;
People who don’t like you and me;
People who don’t know you and me;
But Jesus knows them
And he knows you and me
And despite all that he knows
he invites us all to join him on his journey.
I think Jesus would have liked public transport.

(© David Campton 2004)



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