Teenagers These Days

I've rediscovered the joys of public transport again, and I am not being sarcastic... The ability to jump on a bus and get more or less where you want to go without the hassle of looking for a parking space or negotiating the traffic chaos and having time to read or people watch is a modern joy that too many of us surrender for the pseudo-independence of driving a car... Anyway, this little piece of doggerel is inspired by my experience on a bus yesterday afternoon.

A testosterone fuelled knot
of boisterous teenage boys
on a bus
straight out of school
spotty and soaked
in a curious combination
of blazers and sports kit
the pent up frustration
of a day in class
slightly offset by
two periods of games
but little fun
in the rain
now chatting and chugging coke
posturing and texting
while fellow passengers
look at them askance
afraid to look them in the eye
holding on tight to their hangbags
and standing rather than sit
next or near them

It’s their stop
they press the bell
and lurch down the aisle

And each and every one of them
for no reason
says to the driver,
just doing his job

Teenagers these days.



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