10 Day You Challenge - Day 9: 2 Songs

Getting near to the end of this meme, and out of thousands of songs of all styles that I like I am supposed to pick 2!?!?!  Well, here goes - I've mentioned both of these in a previous meme, and neither of them is a hymn or Christian song, but (observing my Thanksgiving discipline) I am particularly thankful to have encountered them at different times... They are both by Scottish female singers (I clearly have a thing for Scottish females)...

1) The Right Place, by Eddi Reader: which has come to me at a number of times as a song of uncomfortable assurance.. (this is a live audio version)

2) Sorry, by Karine Polwart: which wrestles with the whole difficult area of forgiveness, which is (due to the job and the province I work in), a constant theme...



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