30 Days of Thanksgiving

About halfway through November last year I noticed that various American friends who didn't know each other were posting daily thanksgivings on twitter and facebook... It only took me a few days and a bit of internet surfing to discover that they were all participating in a movement asking for 30 Days of Thanksgiving during November instead of (or as well as) the usual festival of gluttony on the last Thursday in the month. I thought then that it wasn't a bad idea, but that it was a bit late to join in, but it prompted me to engage in 25 Days of Watchfulness throughout in December as a way of observing advent. This year I plan to have another 25 Days of Watchfulness, but that before that I would also observe 30 Days of Thanksgiving here on Virtual Methodist...
So, throughout November I'll be posting short blogs that are marks of gratitude to God and to others who are channels of his grace... including this post where I want to put on record my thanks to those who put this hair-brained idea in my head...
Feel free to join in or share however you want...



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