The Eighth Day

And finally, when you thought it was never going to end, here's my little personal postscript to our Harvest Celebration of Creation and Creativity, partly inspired by those practical deists who will die in a ditch over a literal belief in a 6 day creation but don't give a thought to the ongoing stewardship of this wonderful but wounded world... (There is also a line that owes more than a little to the late great Humphrey Lyttleton on "I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue", which speaks volumes to my lack of real poetic pretensions!)

On the eighth day he arose…
And the work goes on…
With us as his apprentices
Implanted with his seed
The soul-seed of creation and salvation
Creativity and re-creation.
And so it continues day and night
The living word bringing order out of chaos  
Day in day out,
Week in and week out,
Resting from work and working from rest
Until the last minute of the last day…
When the hands of time tip over into eternity
When all creation bows before its creator
And once more he says
It is good… 



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