Wakey, Wakey (Again)

This is a little piece of doggerel I wrote for the beginning of Advent, way back in 2008. As such it was actually based on the lectionary reading from the Gospel for that week,  the parable of the Wise Bridesmaids in Matthew 25 and so for those with LOCD (liturgical obsessive compulsive disorder) it is actually over a year late... But we used it in communion this morning as we were exploring the theme of Wakeful Watching and Waiting.

Wakey, wakey
Rise and shine
It’s Advent
The season of coming to…
Him coming to us…
Us coming to him.
Getting ready for the big day.
The time of remembering what is yet to come
And preparing for what has already arrived.
Eternity breaking into time.
Watch out…
Time ticks by
to that point when it shall be no more.
Only seconds to midnight…
Trim your wicks, not just the tree,
So you might see.
Just you wait.
David A. Campton © 2008



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