Outside, the Garden

A piece of doggerel inspired by some bird watching, preparing a Bible study referring to Matthew 6: 25-27, and a song I heard on Monday night sung by Steph Geremia of the Alan Kelly Gang, who were supporting Eddi Reader.

Outside is the garden
with birds on the wing
and trees coming into leaf
offering healing for the soul.

Outside is the garden
beyond two panes of glass
observed but not experienced
watched but not walked in.

Outside it the garden
and no sword-wielding angel
stands barring the way 
to this small suburban Eden.

Outside is the garden
but you toil on, brow furrowed
ploughing through paperwork
in self-imposed exile.

Outside is the garden
but inside your central-heated
double-glazed bubble 
thorns and thistles throttle green shoots.

Outside, the garden...



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