Psalm for Sunday: the Not so Old 100th

It's been a while, for various reasons. But tomorrow we will be starting our service with this responsive reading based on Psalm 100, and given that, surprisingly I found that I hadn't paraphrased this Psalm previously here, I thought I would share it with the few of you who are still perusing these pages from time to time:

Everyone, everywhere shout with joy to the Lord
We worship the Lord gladly,
singing our way into his sanctuary.
Know this: The Lord is the one and only God.
He made us, so we are his.
We are his people,
He is the shepherd and we are his sheep.
Enter with thanks on your lips and praise in your heart;
We thank him for all he has done
And praise him for all that he is.
For the Lord is good and his love endures eternally;
his faithfulness extends to each and every generation.
Praise him
from Psalm 100


Anonymous said…

"The Lord is the one and only God"

I have reflected on this statement for some time now, while Christians declare that this is a ‘real’ sentiment for them, those of other beliefs also receive much comfort and hope from their dogmas.
I have reflected greatly on the tragedy that happened to the wonderful Dr Muhammad Taufiq al-Sattar, who lives in Dublin. His beautiful family (his wife and three children), were murdered due to an arson attack, (due to mistaken identity), at their home in Leicester.
While I absolutely accept that Christians have a perfect ‘right’ to their beliefs, other beliefs, comfort other people as well. Due to wide ranging media interviews and publicity, (which Dr Sattar kindly granted), he wished to explain how his Muslim beliefs, sustain him due this dreadful tragedy. I know that Christians would, very genuinely and sincerely, express and offer help and sympathy in this tragic and dreadful situation.
But nevertheless, many Christians express that their God, “is the one and only God”. Yet, Dr Sattar expresses that it is from his love of the Koran and his love of Allah, that he derives much comfort. He believes that he will see his precious and lovely family in Heaven. Unfortunately, the Christian ‘New Testament’, states, that those who do not follow the gospel of Jesus, will be punished with everlasting destruction.
I respect those who hold Christian, Muslim, Hindu or any other beliefs, because they work for those who hold them, even though they all have contradictory viewpoints about “the one and only true God”. Unfortunately, Christianity cannot stop there, it cannot accept that it is sufficient for everyone to believe and receive comfort and support, from their supernatural God. Some Christians say, ‘that they cannot judge anyone’ – if so, their New Testament certainly does, it gives a very clear outline of what will happen to those who do not obey the gospel of Jesus.
This is why I think that Christians are wrong to tell others, including Dr Sattar, that while they may believe in a ‘supernatural God’, they are unfortunately mistaken, because there is only one true God and it is the Christian God, how wrong that assertion is, given Dr Sattar’s marvellous testimony.

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