Where can I go?

Two posts in two days! Almost prolific by recent standards... This is a partner piece to yesterday's Jonah monologue, It's a responsive Psalm loosely based on Psalm 139: 7-14 which we used for a call to worship:

Where can I go that your Spirit is not there?
Where can I escape from your presence?
If I climb the highest mountain, you are there;
if I if I dive down to the depths of the Ocean, you are there.
If I travel to the lands where the sun seems to rise,
if I were to sail across the wide Atlantic,
you would be there ahead of me,
your right hand could reach out to take hold of me.
If I say, “Sure the darkness will hide me”
and if the light were to become night around me,
even the darkness is not dark to you;
the night will be as bright as the day.
You have known me from before I was born.
You created me inside and out;
You shaped me in my mother’s womb.
I praise you because I am a work of wonder
Beyond human comprehension;
All your works are wonderful,
That much I know.
Psalm 139: 7-14


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