Journey with Jonah: A Postcard from Nineveh

I didn't send any postcards on my own holidays this year, but on my return I "found" this postcard waiting for me... 
Just incase you can't read it, here's what it says...

Dear all in South Belfast Methodist,
Well, made it to Nineveh at last. Don’t know about “Wish you were here,” but I wish I wasn’t.  It’s every bit as bad as its reputation... even worse than Belfast. And it’s huge... I’ve been trekking across it on foot all day (the public transport is non-existent... that’s government cutbacks for you), and I still haven’t got to the city centre.  But I think I’ll set up stall here, and let them have it. See you soon. Should be finished here in forty days. Nineveh should be finished in forty days too.
Yours in God’s service,
Jonah, son of Amittai.

This morning at the Agape Centre we're going to read the third chapter of Jonah's surreal story and find out how things turned out… as well as what it means for us...



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