Bethl'em Road Revisited

Another Christmas in a new congregation, another outing for this oldie and another reblog. The tune is "Raglan Road..."

I chose it mindful of the thousands of people on the move this Christmas, seeking safety and prosperity for their families and of the journey which we as a church are on at present. But Jesus' life from before his birth was a story of journey... Why should ours be any different if we are seeking to follow him?

Down Bethl’em road from Nazareth,
Came Joseph and his wife
Within her womb God’s promise bloomed
His Word, the Light of Life.
He came to take on flesh and blood
To show us all the way
And through the night a star so bright
Hailed the dawning of His day.

And on the hills round Bethlehem,
Some shepherds heard the song,
The angels sing of a new born King
Awaited for so long.
They find him midst the filth and grime
In a bed of straw and hay,
Ignored by the earth that he brought to birth
The Lord Almighty lay.

And from the east to Bethlehem
Come men who saw the sign.
These eastern seers travelled two long years
To present their gifts so fine.
Gold they did bring, fit for a king
And a scent of untold worth.
But the gift of myrrh that they offer third
Spoke of death and not of birth.

From Bethlehem his parents fly
To save their son from harm
But others die and mothers cry
And wail in their alarm.
The powers that be had come to see
That child as a source of strife
His birth meant despair to the people there
But his coming brought us life.

From Bethlehem to Jerusalem
Is not so very far.
Thirty three years on, on a cold spring dawn
He died on a wooden spar
From he first drew breath ‘til his cruel death
For him there was no room,
He took the blame for our sin and shame
And was laid in a borrowed tomb

But on our streets and roads today,
The Lord can still be found,
Wherever we will bend the knee
The angels’ song resounds.
To heaven raise God’s glorious praise
And on the earth be peace
Where once again Christ comes to reign
His grace will never cease.


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