Incarnation – Reflections of an Older Mary

A monologue used as part of today's service for the 4th Sunday in Advent in Grosvenor Hall. Not sure whether I have blogged it before, but whether I have or not, here it is...

He who was there when the universe was formed… took form inside my womb… He who is the source of all good gifts suckled at my breast… He who walked in the Garden of Eden… I taught to walk as a toddler… He who carved the commandments on tablets of stone with his finger, learned them from me at the kitchen table… He who inspired the psalmists learned their songs on my knee… It was amazing… I saw the son of God grow into a man… I know every mother thinks that their child is perfect… Particularly their first… But my son was…
Why me? I was little more than a child myself when the angel came to me… Yet he said:
“Mary you have been singled out by God. You are going to have a child!”
“But that's not possible,” I said “I'm a virgin!”
"Nothing is impossible with God!" He said... “Just ask your cousin Elizabeth… she too is to have a child.”
Elizabeth!? I said, but she’s old… at least thirty… And everyone knows she’s barren. It’s impossible…
“Nothing is impossible…”  he said.
And so it proved to be…
“All generations will call me blessed,” I sang… but a mixed blessing it would prove to be. 
I was to be Mother of the Son of God… Unmarried mother of the son of God…



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