How the Light Gets in...

A piece that is prompted by the title of the upcoming festival of ideas partly hosted by the Hay on Wye Festival team (in turn stolen from Leonard Cohen), and the oft told, doubtless apocryphal, tale of a parent explaining what the different parts of a church are for or mean, including the stained glass, with that child in their RE class at school subsequently defining a saint as "someone that the light shines through..."

Stained glass saints 
Let the light in
Telling the story
To those who have
Not yet encountered 
The Word.

But even stained glass
Gets stained with 
The accumulated grime
Of everyday existence 
Obscuring the light 
Of life.

No building can ever
Effectively contain
All the glory of creation 
Never mind the Creator 
Who speaks the story
To be.

No sanctified sinner
Can effectively express
All the grace and mercy
Extended to them
And through them
To all.


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