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The Virus

Some late night musings on the current pandemic... It's just a more particularly bad variety of the same 
old seasonal problem...

There’s a virus wreaking havoc
It’s an unprecedented pandemic 
Filling up hospitals and funeral homes
And the pockets of certain people.

But no scanning electron microscope 
Can possibly capture its image
Nor can a swab or lateral flow test prove
Which of us has been infected.

Sadly there still doesn’t seem 
To be an efficacious vaccine 
And hydroxychloroquine
Is (unsurprisingly) ineffective.

Because this virus is not biological 
Unless Dawkins is literally correct -
And it’s coded in every DNA strand
That our genes themselves are selfish.

"No government can tell me what to do."
"I’m not in any of the at risk groups."
"What about my God given rights?"
"I feel uncomfortable wearing a mask."

"Of course my friend was best placed
To deliver that multimillion pound contract."
"What is wrong with making a large profit
Supplying PPE and  free school meals?"

"There’s no such thing as a free lunch."
"It’s a matter of supply and demand."
It’s a matter of survival of the fittest fattest cat 
And the working out of (selfish) herd immunity.

Some say it’s been around for ages
After someone foreigner out east ate
Not a bat or a pangolin or any animal,
but a piece of particularly tempting fruit.

That’s when the blame game began
The first symptom of this I disease
Where it’s always someone else’s fault...
And we're the victim not a virus vector.



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