Actually, it's not because I'm Fat... It's BPA!

Sorry, got it all wrong... I'm not a diabetic because I have eaten far too much of the wrong sort of food and not taken enough exercise throughout my life... It's all my Mum's fault! And the fact that she gave me baby milk in bottles containing BPA... A chemical called Bisphenol A (BPA) which is to be found in many plastics including those used to make baby's bottles, the lining for food cans, tuperware, the plastic shielding in mobile phones etc. It is apparently being linked to obesity and diabetes... as well as some cancers. US manufacturers are withdrawing it from baby-related items, but British health watchdogs claim that uptake from such items are well below safe levels.

I'm not making a judgment on the safety levels... Actually, I would tend to err on the side of extreme caution... We don't need to introduce any more active chemicals into our systems than we absolutely have to... Especially when we really don't understand all the side-effects. But PLEASE STOP POINTING TO THESE THINGS AS POSSIBLE CAUSES OF DIABETES... They may contribute... but the general problem for those suffering from early onset Type 2 diabetes is still that we... or rather that I... eat too much... (I know because my dietician told me!)
In this as in everything else there may be background influences and predispositions, but we have this wonderful thing called free will... Or do we prefer the idea that we are prisoners of fate/our genes/predestination (delete as applicable)? Does that free us from any responsibility?


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