A New Life

Thinking further on yesterday's post and applying my lenten discipline to "think on what is good" thought I would post the following video for you today. I posted it a few months ago via facebook, but it's worth another look. it reflects an altogether different experience of care than that criticised in the report referred to yesterday. I first came across it through one of the clip shows on TV but as soon as I saw it I knew where it had been produced, Clark Retirement Community in Grand Rapids, Michigan as I had the pleasure of preaching there on my birthday a few years ago while on exchange. My eldest son suggested that he might put me there when I retire, and you know, I wouldn't object to that arrangement, although I think it may be well out of my budget.

Hope you enjoyed that... But while you're there, just one more comment... This lip-dub was clearly produced with the intention of communicating something positive to those checking out potential retirement options... and it was also a bit of fun for the residents. Similar principles lay behind another massive viral phenomenon, the Friends School, Lisburn lip-dub, which I also posted to very mixed responses, including comments about it being cheesy (which it knowingly was) and an indictment of the current approach to education in the schools system here (which it really wasn't).

Videos such as these are not documentaries. They are a bit of fun. Anyone who chooses a retirement home or a school on the basis of one of these is in not in need of a retirement home or a school but a psychiatric unit... But then, anyone who picks a school on the basis of the nonsense that you witness at a school open day is equally deluded...

Enjoy the fun where you find it and find out the hard facts by other means... Thus speaks one of the greatest cynics around...


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